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Neighborhood Boo-BQ Class

Neighborhood Boo-BQ Class


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Lisa’s brewing up some great stitches in this new spooky Boo-Bq class!

Join us in stitching the Neighborhood Boo-Bq canvas by Rebecca Wood Designs with Lisa in five virtual classes that will focus on these stitches:
Multi-layered stitches
3D Techniques including Advanced Beading and Stumpwork

* Thread and bead kit TBD
* Each class is $35 and will be charged with threads the week before.

* Each class includes a stitch guide

*Intermediate to Advanced Level Techniques

Included in Price:

A spot in 5 virtual classes

Class Schedule:

Access to recorded class from May 6th 

Access to recorded class from June 17th

Access to recorded class from July 29th 

CANCELED September 9th

Saturday, October 21st 2023 at 12pm AZ Time

Saturday, December 2nd 2023 at 12pm AZ Time

Canvas Information: 

“Neighborhood Boo Bq” painted canvas by Rebecca Wood Designs 

Size: 15” x 21”

Mesh Count:  18


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