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The Communion Two Part Class - ENCORE!

The Communion Two Part Class - ENCORE!


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The response to our original class for The Communion was so enthusiastic that we ran out of canvases! We reached out to Tapestry Fair and they're painting a second group for us - so we've added an Encore Class! If you missed the opportunity to take this class when first offered, now is your chance. Join us in person or online for The Communion Two Part Class.

Timothy Chapman is a Phoenix artist that is now being represented by Tapestry Fair's line of extraordinary canvases. The Communion Canvas is an exclusive to BeStitched and will be taught by Lisa Kessler in a two part class. The first class of the encore will be held on December 11, 2016. Class #2 will be held January 8, 2017. The class fees will be $65.00 plus the cost of materials (materials are still to be determined for class 2, but class 1 materials are $62.50).

Cost Summary: Canvas $260, 2 Class Fees @ $65 ($130), 2 Class Material Kits - Class 1 is $62.50, Class 2 is to be determined but estimated to be similar (~$125). Total: ~$515 (Final cost may vary slightly due to Class 2 materials being an estimate)

To reserve your canvas, there are two options. Choose whichever option fits best:

  • Pay a 50% canvas deposit of $130 (with remaining canvas balance due December 1st & Lesson 1 Class and Material cost due December 4th).
  • Pay for all costs through Lesson One up front - $387.50. This cost includes your canvas, materials and class fee for Lesson 1. The only cost you'll be left with is Lesson 2's class fee ($65) and materials. Materials for Lesson 2 are to be determined, but should be comparable to Lesson 1.

Local and long distance stitchers are welcome and will be supported with video tutorials. Local class always includes a delicious lunch, and you never know who may drop by! Lesson 1 for the original Communion class had a visit from the original artist himself, Timothy Chapman.

Our Online Class Resources have been getting rave reviews - check out screen shots in the photo section to see what the Class Page looks like, and watch the video intro for Lesson 1:

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