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Endless Presents Club

Endless Presents Club


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"Endless Presents Club"  painted canvases by Melissa Shirley Designs stitch guides by Lisa Kessler

This club offers many choices:

1)  Choose to do 4, 8, 12 or 16 canvases.

2)  Choose the color that you prefer, red/pink or both. 

3)  Choose Canvas and Guide Only or Canvas, Guide and thread/bead kit.

You will be charged a deposit today that will be applied to the last month of the club. If you do not choose to complete the club then the deposit is nonrefundable.  Please note that if it is a pre-order then the canvases may have to be painted and can take 8-12 weeks.  If it is pre-ordered then you will not be charged for your first month until it is shipped out to you.

 NOTE:  If there are specific canvases that you want please indicate that in the note section on your order.

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