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Patti Mann Food Trucks Club

Patti Mann Food Trucks Club


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Buckle up for a rarin' good time with the Patti Mann Food Trucks Club! The first truck will hit the road on June 15th, and the club continues for 9 total months.

We are offering 3 options for Food Trucks:

  • Canvas & Stitch Guide Only ($106.50 per month)
  • Canvas, Stitch Guide & Accessory Pack (buttons, beads, rings for wheel stitches etc) ($116.50 per month - no threads included)
  • Canvas, Stitch Guide & Full Thread Kit ($106.50 per month + Thread Kit cost to be determined, will include accessories)

When you sign up you will select which option you'd like. That initial charge will be applied to your final truck. Monthly club costs will automatically be charged to the card you place on file with your initial order, so no monthly billing hassle!

Canvas details:

9 total canvases by Patti Mann - all on 18 count mesh and approximately 4" x 6" (slight variations).

Cancellation Policy - must give 60 days notice by phone

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