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3-Dimensional Kit & Needlepoint Storage Box

3-Dimensional Kit & Needlepoint Storage Box

$115.00 $130.00

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When you purchase our new kit you will have access to our 3-Dimensional stitches class.

Included in price:

- Access to the Learn with Lisa 3-Dimensional stitches class on April 7th at 4pm AZ time.

- A 9 x 6.5 x 2.5  case with a clear top and bottom for easy viewing. The top is a 3/4 zip around with 2 zipper pulls.

- Included in the 3-dimensional stitching bundle are large and small Sparkles (mesh tubing), felt balls, round and triangular make-up sponges.

A set of FrameLok

A pair of Morgan Julia large bamboo style handle scissors 


* DISCLOSURE: May include latex

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