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How to Grow Your Canvas Class

How to Grow Your Canvas Class


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Looking for guidance on Lisa Kessler's book, How To Grow Your Canvases? This class is for you! Lisa is offering a series of three online classes offering a deep dive into the book.

WhenTuesday 4PM, Friday Noon

Where: Online Zoom Meeting

About The Book:

How to Grow Your Canvas Volume I: Flowers” written by Lisa Kessler

As a needlepointer, I tend to think of the canvas as a three-dimensional work of art and aim to have my stitches build upon the dimension in the piece. But whenever I tried to find how to create a three-dimensional look in my various stitch books, I often came up short and had to put my own creative spin on the stitches I could find. I saw a need for a series of needlepoint books aimed at growing a canvas dimensionally. That is how I got the idea for my new series, How to Grow Your Canvas. Starting with the first volume, I'll show you how to add dimension to the flowers on your canvas using various techniques such as stumpwork, weaving, ribbon work, and stitches used three-dimensionally. 

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