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Virtual Fall Bench Class Late Sign Up

Virtual Fall Bench Class Late Sign Up


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The first of its kind! This Fall Bench class includes an added bonus. When you sign up for this class you will be stitching the Fall Bench canvas and the Additional Pillow inside the design by 

Melissa Shirley. The Bird and Flower pillow canvas will be 6" x 3.25" and included in this course. 

Class includes the Fall Bench and Pillow canvas by Melissa Shirley, stitch guides, and access to 5 recorded classes that will focus on ribbon work, beading, blackwork technique, 3D techniques, and more. This class is non-refundable.

 * Included in price after 7.09.22: Canvas, Stitch guides, access to recorded classes 1-4 and a spot in the pillow class, and thread and bead kits 1-4.

Class Schedule:

Fall Bench

Access to recorded class from March 12th

Access to recorded class from April 23rd

Access to recorded class from May 21st

Access to recorded class from July 9th 


Access to recorded class from August 27th - separate charge $35

* Thread and bead kit for the pillow class is a separate charge - Cost TBD




Canvas Details:

 Fall Bench Canvas by Melissa Shirley

Size: 18" x 13.5"


The Bird and Flower pillow canvas

Size: 6" x 3.25"


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