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Chameleon Cravings Class

Chameleon Cravings Class


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Explore various techniques as you create a mesmerizing canvas featuring this colorful design by Zecca. When you sign up you save your spot in 3 online classes and secure a canvas. When you sign up you have the choice of stitching 13 or 18 count. In our classes, we will be demonstrating on 13 count. 

* For the intermediate to advanced stitcher

*Nonrefundable Deposit covers half the cost of the canvas

*Second half of the canvas charged January 6th, 2024

* Thread and bead kit cost TBD
* Each class is $40 and will be charged with threads the week before.
* Each class includes a stitch guide

Included in Price:

A spot in 3 virtual classes

Class Schedule:

Saturday January 13 2024 at 12pm

Saturday February 17 2024 at 12pm

Saturday March 16 2024 at 12pm


Canvas Information: 

“Tasty Snack” Painted Canvas by Zecca

Size: 24 x 6

Mesh Count: 13 or 18 
⁃ Offered on 13 or 18 we will be stitching it on 13 




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