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Metal Display Tree for Swingset Characters

Metal Display Tree for Swingset Characters


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This metal display tree is the perfect finishing touch for Patti Mann's new Swingset canvas series! The display tree comes with the swings, ropes, as well as magnets to be placed inside your canvases during finishing.

Display Tree Dimensions are 23" x 13" x 4"

Currently swingset character canvas designs are: 

Halloween Swingset Kids  

Superhero Swingset Kids 

Everyday Swingset Kids

Thanksgiving Swingset Kids

Christmas Swingset Kids

Easter Swingset Kids

Wizard of Oz Swingset Kids

4th of July Swingset Kids

& more designs are on the way!

The magnets holding your stitched kids to the swings also allow you to easily change kids out for seasons and occasions with no fuss!

(A club is in the works here at BeStitched - stay tuned for details! If you purchase your canvases ahead of time they will still be eligible for club usage)

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