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OZ Girls Class Series

Ruth Schmuff Designs

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OZ Girls is from the original artwork of Sandra Vargas and the needlepoint class will be taught by Lisa Kessler. Being a girl from Kansas this canvas just speaks to me and the twist that Sandra Vargas has put on the characters begs to be stitched!

The Oz Girls Series will begin in November and will be covered in 4 separate classes (both local and long distance stitchers welcome) to give the time and attention needed to do justice to these adorable girls. The first class will be November 19, 2016. The second class will be January 7, 2017.  The third class will be held February 4, 2017.  The fourth and final class will be held March 25, 2017.

Cost Summary: Canvas $400, 4 Class Fees @ $65 ($260), 4 Class Material Kits - Class 1 is $65, remaining classes are to be determined but estimated to be similar (~$260). Total: ~$920 (Final cost may vary slightly due to remaining Class Materials being an estimate)

To reserve your canvas, there are two options. Choose whichever option fits best:

  • Pay a 50% canvas deposit of $200 (with remaining canvas balance of $200 plus Class 1 fee of $65 & Kit 1 fee of $65 ($330 total) due at time of shipment).
  • Pay for all costs through Lesson One up front - $530. This cost includes your canvas, materials and class fee for Lesson 1. The remaining Class and Material Fees would be due on the date each class is scheduled (see above).

Local and long distance stitchers are welcome and will be supported with video tutorials. Our Online Class Resources have been getting rave reviews - visit The Communion or The Desert Odd Couple to get an idea of what you can expect! If you are a distance learner, your canvas and materials ship the week following Class 1. Subsequent Class Kits ship to you in conjunction with class dates.


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