Stitcher's Tool Kit – BeStitched Needlepoint
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Stitcher's Tool Kit

Stitcher's Tool Kit

BeStitched Needlepoint

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Stitcher's Tool Kit is all of the basics a stitcher needs, on the go! Packaged in a 6 inch BeStitched Kit Keeper, this assortment of accessories is perfect for stitchers from beginner to expert! This must-have addition for your stitching bag includes:

  • Super Snips - Super Small. Super Sharp. Super Safe. Super Snips Mini Scissors are the perfect size for travel at 2.5" long, and come with their own attached cover. Three assorted colors - pink, green, and yellow - tell us if you have a color preference in "order notes" at checkout. We'll include the color you'd like if its in stock!
  • BeStitched Needleminder Magnet - Do you ever put your needle somewhere "safe" (like through your canvas) then it's gone when you need it? Needle minder magnets not only solve that problem, they add a dash of your personality! A magnet is placed behind the canvas, and the decorative portion sticks to the front - no holes in your canvas, and cute as a button! Also very helpful for keeping more than one threaded needle at the ready while switching between colors.
  • John James Needles (Size 22 Tapestry & Size 10 Bead Embroidery) - You can't needlepoint without needles, and we only provide the best! John James is regarded as the "gold standard" of needles by discerning stitchers worldwide.
  • Tacky BOB Bead Holder - Do you hate fumbling with loose beads and needles? Well then, Tacky BOB is the perfect solution to your problem. With our specifically designed acid-free tacky lining, magnetic needle holder and non-skid bottom, you will never have to fumble with loose beads and needles again.

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