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The Dressers Class

The Dressers Class


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Come join us for the third installment of Carolyn Schmitz's desert animals by Barbara Elmore. This spectacular piece will be brought to life with stitches handpicked by Lisa Kessler. The vividly realistic beauty that can be achieved is astounding! Come relax, learn from Lisa, and enjoy the day with fellow stitchers.

**Long Distance Learners -- we didn't forget you!** This will also be offered as an online class - you'll have access to the stitch guide, instructional canvas specific videos, and video support with Lisa Kessler. Long Distance Learners will receive their canvases in the week following the physical class date.

Canvas specs:

Size: 7.5" x 10"

Mesh: 18 count

Class details:

Canvas Cost is $225. Class will be held on March 26, 2017. Class Fee/Stitch Guide/Materials Cost is $265 - which makes the total Class & Canvas cost $490.

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