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Another "Knotty" Needlepoint Tale by Paula Schmidt

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It took me thirty years to make a bullion knot and now I just can't stop using them!  Truth be told - I was going to take a class that I knew by it's description called for a pattern of bullion knots alternating with rows of French Knots and I was going to master this technique!  Out came my books!  I watched every video I could find on the internet!  I called on every friend to demonstrate for me!  All my efforts to no avail.  Discouraged I sat down one night with a second glass of wine after dinner.  Lo and behold - I needed to just relax - and there in the privacy of my own family room in my regular stitching chair without the benefit of videos or books I made my first bullion knots! So bullion knots have become hair - the trunks of trees - the carrot nose on a snowman - with a single strand of floss and a beading needle a single piece of asparagus - and in clumps the horns of a Bighorn Sheep.  Try them in patterns - they add amazing texture.  Try them in different fibers.  Use any overdyed thread for another amazing effect. Let us know in the comments below how you mastered this technique.  

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  • What is a bullion knot? Can you show me some examples?

    Aviva Beim on
  • I love using French, Colonial and Bullion knots. All three are truly amazing stitches!


    Ann Kahn on
  • Paula, what needles and threads did you use in your practice? These are still mybpersonal bogeyman!

    Judy Furie on
  • the video is not operating – is it still linked?

    monica on
  • The video was great. I was taught many years ago how to do this. Then, a teacher in Houston, taught me the faux bullion and I could not remember how to do the real one. Thanks for showing it so well, again.

    Margaret Payne on

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