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Clubs & Series

Monthly Clubs

Are you ready to be excited for the mailman to come? Getting packages in the mail is so fun, and signing up for a monthly club means you'll get something fantastic once a month!

How does it work?

  • Choose a club (or two or three) that you're interested in joining. Visit the product page to see details of each club, including cost & duration. Some clubs are fabulous stash busters and offer the option of just receiving stitch guides and canvases each month.
  • When you sign up we will keep that initial charge as your non-refundable deposit. Your deposit is applied toward the last month of the club. You'll be autocharged each month as your shipment is prepared, so no hassle of monthly billing!
  • Each month you'll receive a package from us containing your monthly club canvas, stitch guide, and fibers (unless it is a club option that you have chosen not to receive fibers).
  • Get busy stitching and enjoy these fun, smaller projects that allow you to learn new stitches and use new fibers!

Join a club today! Call the shop or send us a message if you need a hand signing up or have any questions.

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