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August 2011 Newsletter


Posted on August 11 2011

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  • Leslie: September 09, 2016

    I just stumbled upon you on Facebook… and what a treat you are! I live in Northern CA where I have to rely upon the internet to get my needlepoint store fix and you guys are awesome! Tonight I subscribed to your monthly newsletter and so appreciate what I have read. Coincidentally, I am working on a Shelly Tribbey Witch, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE – (ALL her witches) and had created a stitch guide for myself that included Nobuko which I have fought with in other projects. (I’ve done a petei santa series from 2thePoint in Pleasanton, CA and a few from the French Knott in Ft. Worth, TX) Anyway… I digress… your Nobuko videos were so timely, because I just began on this witch and saw that I had suggested nobuko for a section… anyway, your videos were wonderfully helpful and clearly done.

    Just a thought… for instance, in the Aug newsletter was the ‘Candy Cane’ canvas, finished (I think that was the name), it would have been great to have been able to dbl click on the pic to see what it looked like, more clearly. It was too small to really appreciate the work that went into it!

    You guys rock and thank you for advertising on FB… xoxoLeslie

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