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Backgammon Everyone


Posted on September 10 2013

The girls at BeStitched Needlepoint are speechless . . . really we are!!  We just received the most fabulous Maggie Co. Backgammon – Wine canvas and specially made wooden case.  The detail on the canvas is amazing. The red & purple fibers will bring this canvas to life. We remember fondly many long hours of backgammon played with family and friends.  Each of us working hard to beat the other and establish our self as the victor.  The true winner of this backgammon board will be the stitcher who finds him or herself spending wonderfully relaxing time creatively stitching what will surely become a family heirloom. The wooden case has stout round polka dot feet, a drawer to hold the purple & red stones with an adorable faucet handle and the dice and shakers are included. Backgammon – Wine on 18 count mesh measures 19.5 x 13 is $292.50 and the 18 x 27 ½ x 6 ¾  wooden case is $562.00 or $855.00 for canvas & wooden case.  BeStitched Needlepoint is delighted to add this very special canvas and case to our current sale . . . $649.80 (without fibers) for BOTH the canvas and wooden case.  24% off the cost if both pieces were purchased separately.  Use code backgammon when ordering on-line. Needlepoint_Backgammon Needlepoint_Shop

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