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Beginning and Ending Threads - Part 2


Posted on December 12 2011

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Hello Stitchers, "Pin Tuck" or "L" Stitch is another useful method for starting and ending threads. These methods work well in areas where there is little or no additional stitching to be done. A Pin Tuck is stitched between two canvas threads, either vertical or horizontal, in the spot where you wish to stitch. With a threaded needle come up from the back and hold a small tail under the canvas with your other hand.  Take the needle to the back of the canvas over one horizontal or vertical canvas thread (not an intersection).  Still holding the short tail on the back, bring the needle to the front one canvas thread away from where your first stitch went down. Go to the back of the canvas through the hole where you went down for the first stitch. Your Pin Tuck will look like two small dashes joined in the center “--“  between the canvas threads.  It will not pull out and can easily be stitched over.  You can add a third tuck if it makes you more comfortable it will look like “---“.  The tail on the back can be clipped close to the canvas. "L" Stitch is the same concept similar to the pin tuck except the second stitch is at a right angle to the first stitch.  The first and the second stitches share a hole at right angles to each other so it will look like an “L”.  This method is best to use in an area to be covered with larger stitches.  In all other respects it is the same as the pin tuck. Barceló Tuck also called a Lock Stitch. Bargello Tuck is good to use for starting in areas that have some stitching in it. On the back of the canvas pull your new thread gently under existing stitches until the tail is buried.  Then take the needle back in the opposite direction first going over the top of several threads of the stitched area and then back under the threads. This will form a "U" shape with the end of your new thread and when pulled on will lock itself in place.  With rayon threads you should repeat this tuck one more time, if you could see it, it would look like an "S". Bargello Tuck/Lock Stitch is the best way to end threads, it will not come undone.  When ending threads always cut them close to the canvas for a neat back.  This guarantees there will be no ends for your new thread to catch and pull to the front and into your stitching. Until next time, Happy Stitching! Alice

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