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BeStitched Needlepoint Home Stretch!


Posted on May 29 2011

We want to welcome you and thank you all for your excitement and enthusiasm in regard to BeStitched Needlepoint. We are in the home stretch…____days to Opening Day. You will not be disappointed! It is going to be a WOW! We are furiously working on the store to meet our deadline and to offer you, our customers a wonderful environment to sit and stitch! The workpeople are putting some of the final touches in place. Not fast enough for us! Don’t they know we have 300+ unbelievable canvases to put on the walls, sparkly chandeliers to hang overstuffed chairs to position, threads and beads to hang, fabulous tote bags to display…it goes on and on! We can see it all in our minds eye…piece by piece falling into place. The suspense continues. Stay posted to see what’s new! We will be unveiling something tantalizing each day during our countdown to Fabulocity!

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