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BeStitched Needlepoint is Getting all Knotted Up!


Posted on January 31 2013

We have been doing a lot with knots here at BeStitched Needlepoint and thought we might just share an idea or two.  French knots have long been used as an embroidery technique and are equally effective in needlepoint.  They can be used in patterns such as in alternate rows of basketweave, they can be used purposefully such as a knot of a tree or the knob of a knee, they can be used randomly in shrubs and flowers or they can be used singly for emphasis of a point. French knots can be made using many threads - nothing is off limits.  Strandable cotton or silk floss, wools, ribbons, Kreinik, boucle and even Sundance Sparkles can be effective to your purpose.  The bigger the material the bigger the knot.  The more you wrap the bigger the knot.  Any pattern that has a stitch over a single intersection can tolerate a french knot instead of the tent stitch that was intended.  You can create a French Knot at the end of a long stitch for flowers or for hair.  You can use a single French Knot to hold a sequin in place.  Try working French Knots in a trame pattern for texture.  Oh yes - endless possibilities. Let us know how you have used French Knots!

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