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BeStitched Needlepoint is Having a Movie Night!


Posted on September 16 2013

Join Holly Go Lightly and BeStitched Needlepoint on Thursday, September 19th  for movie night! It’s the perfect movie for Girlfriend time, stitching & chatting.  We’ll be here from 5p – 8p waiting for you to join us.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard a timeless, romantic movie with deeper undertones will be on the big screen.  It’s the perfect Chick Flick for a night with The Girls at BeStitched Needlepoint. Stitch your canvas or find a new fabulous canvas on our very full walls of canvases.  We just love this classy aqua pump by Lani and can absolutely see Holly Go Lightly walking on New York’s Fifth Avenue looking and being so very chic!  Miss Go Lightly embraces charm and elegance in all she does and says throughout Breakfast at Tiffany’s. See you on September 19th for a fun evening of stitching with The Girls. Shoes_Needlepoint  

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