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Create Your Own Retreat at BeStitched Needlepoint


Posted on December 08 2012

We are excited to announce "Create Your Own Retreat" at BeStitched.  Have you thought needlepoint-store-arizonaabout getting a group of friends and going someplace to stitch?  Would you just like to work on a current project or a project that you and your friends have wanted to stitch together?  Either way, BeStitched would love to host you and your friends for 1-5 days with special gifts, catered lunches and a dedicated teacher. We held our first "Create Your Own Retreat" a few weeks ago and one day turned into two. A great time was had by all and we can't wait to see them again in the spring!  This is a great gift idea for a group of stitching friends too! Call us at 480-991-0706 or email us to book your retreat today!

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