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No ELFing Way! BeStitched Needlepoint Offers Sale on Elf Needlepoint

Lisa Kessler

Posted on April 29 2023

For the first time ever, BeStitched Needlepoint is having a sale on Elf Needlepoint!

Designer Emma Forquer started her company during the pandemic and now has over 80 designs in her collection of hand-painted needlepoint. Being from Taiwan you can tell that her background and love for Asian art inspired several of her designs. Her designs first began with a London series specifically for her mother-in-law but soon enough, needlepoint stores across the nation began requesting her designs. 

 If Elf Needlepoint is new to you, here are three things you should know about this collection. 

1. There are tons of fun sayings to stitch! All you need is an energy pill from Elf Needlepoint to get started. 

2. From Tokyo to London, we love the travel theme! 

3. These hand-painted canvases offer designs for all stitching levels. If you are a newbie, there are several modern and floral designs available to help you get started. 

Make yourself a drink and Shop online or grab a coffee instead and visit us in-store! 




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