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Escape Winter, Visit BeStitched Needlepoint


Posted on January 22 2014

You can’t beat this gorgeous Arizona weather. “Sunny with a high of 75” is the standard forecast for the next couple months and we want you to come enjoy it with us at BeStiched Needlepoint. Scottsdale_Needlepoint_ShopWhile many of you needlepoint enthusiast are shivering away through some dreadful winter weather, us Arizonans are living it up in the sunshine.  If you’re tired of the cold and dreary, take a trip down to Scottsdale and let the ladies at BeStitched Needlepoint help you plan your itinerary.  Along with our canvas embellishment classes with either the wonderful Lisa Kessler or Alice Hall, we have a movie night coming up on February 20th. Moreover, Scottsdale hosts some of the best hotels and resorts in the state. Come visit our Scottsdale needlepoint shop while your husband plays golf.  Or better yet, plan a girls needlepoint trip and spend the day basking in the sun after you visit us. Call us today at 480.991.0706 and we can help get your trip started.

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