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Flash Birthday Event!

Lisa Kessler

Posted on June 03 2016

Party time!! The big day is here, and we're so excited to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of BeStitched Needlepoint! Over the course of the month we're going to talk a walk down memory lane as Lisa recalls her favorite shop memories. We love to include our stitcher's work, so keep sending in those beautiful finished canvases!
     Read on for the first installment of Lisa's story, and for details on our *FLASH BIRTHDAY EVENT* with a promo code for 25% off!
How It All Began

Lisa Kessler 2016"Have you ever wondered how someone got started in a hobby or in a business? Letme tell you how I got started in needlepoint. About 10-12 years ago my husband sat me down and told me I needed to find a hobby. He was concerned that my life only involved work and caring for our two young girls which didn’t seem to leave much time for anything else. I listened to what he said and when we attended a conference in San Francisco later that month I decided that maybe he was right. I saw a needlepoint store from my hotel window and thought I would go explore that as my hobby. I picked a project and had almost completed it prior to getting home from our trip. When I got back to Scottsdale I decided that maybe I should find a local needlepoint shop and see about taking some lessons. Soon after that I had my first lesson on basketweave and met some wonderful ladies that encouraged me to take my first embellishment class and learn some different stitches. I was so lucky to have Alice Hall as my embellishment teacher as she encouraged me to try new stitches and to take as many classes as possible. I found great joy in stitching and soon started to grow my stash. During this period of learning I found that I couldn’t get enough classes and just loved everything needlepoint and wondered what my life would look like if I opened my own needlepoint store."-Lisa Kessler
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