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Fusion Class with Paula Rae Schmidt


Posted on May 27 2016

Paula Rae Schmidt, needlepoint stitcher extraordinaire and instructor will be teaching two fusion classes this June at BeStitched Needlepoint. During these classes Paula will help you create a stitching plan for your one of a kind piece of art. Paula will help you choose the perfect threads for your canvas as well as furnishing written chapters, stitches and techniques. Classes: $110 per class. Includes teaching fee, lunch and written chapter guide. (Does not include canvas or threads). June 12th – Select a canvas from Sharon's Gallery from Purple Palm Designs. 10-4 pm. Call (480) 991-0706 to select your canvas. Needlepoint Class Needlepoint Class June 15th - Select canvas from Otto's Gallery from Purple Palm Designs. 10-4 pm. Call (480) 991-0706 to select your canvas. 1 (1) 2 (1) Canvas must be ordered by June 1st. Class payment due at beginning of class. Not quite sure what a fusion class is? Read our Q&A with Paula to learn more. Q: What is a fusion class?  A: Fusion takes the best parts of a piece class because everyone is working the canvas of their choice from a collection of canvases with common elements, and of an embellishment class because the treat,end of each canvas is unique to the individual stitcher. Q: Which canvases are part of the selection?  A: If you attend the class on June 12th, you can select a canvas from Sharon's Designs from Purple Palm Designs. If you attend the class on June 15th, you can select a canvas from Otto's Designs from Purple Palm Designs. Q: What does this class offer? A: The class offers the creation of a stitching plan.  The participants will be furnished with chapters for the common canvas elements. The chapters for the succulents will focus on dimension in addition to the amazing colors and plants.  The chapters for Otto's pieces will include faces and facial features and constructing clothing on canvas. Together we will select fibers and elements to stitch each canvas and we will demonstrate techniques that assist the participant in the completion of their piece. Q: What makes up a chapter?  A: The chapters contain narrative questions and considerations for formulating each plan as well as stitch charts and additional references. Q: What have others said about fusion class?  A: Jill said "my knowledge of stitch consideration and selection has expanded immensely, my technique has greatly improved and my eyes have been opened to the vast world of fibers." Beverly said "this was the best class I have ever taken!  It expanded my knowledge of how to look at a canvas to bring out detail, depth and personal interpretation." Paul Rae Schmidt Needlepoint ClassNeedle pointing since college, Paula Rae Schmidt found joy in an art that was portable and creative.  Trained as a Registered Nurse, Paula found her career as director and later Vice President of a healthcare staffing firm but her passion was as a volunteer at Family Arts Needlepoint Shop.  Teaching and helping others learn the skills to needlepoint she turned it into a post retirement career first at BeStitched Needlepoint in Scottsdale and most recently at 3 Kittens Needle Arts in Mendota Heights Minnesota. Paula has taught pieces by Melissa Shirley, Maggie, Purple Palm, Strictly Christmas, Raymond Crawford and many others.  In addition to piece classes Paula teaches embellishment classes as well as her unique Fusion style.

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  • Janna cleveland: September 09, 2016

    Can you tell me the size and price of the Purple Palm canvas with the three women?


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