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Posted on November 23 2011

laying_tools_from_bestitched_needlepoint_storeLook at these beautifully handcrafted wood laying tools! The colors are yummy. They are masterfully carved and very comfortable to use. No need to worry you may stab yourself as you fish around in your bag for your tool. The precision wood scissors make this the best duo since Batman and Robin! Put these tools on your holiday wish list.

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  • Linda Ashley: September 09, 2016

    Can the laying tools/scissors in the “Our Favorite Things” photo be ordered? Prices? Colors?


  • The Girls: September 09, 2016

    The laying tools and scissors are for sale. The price of the laying tools is $54.35. We have a pink/purpe, green and gray, green/tan/red and rainbow colored available. The scissors are $127.60 and come in plaid, tortoise shell and wood handles.

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