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I Want It All!

Lisa Kessler

Posted on March 30 2021

I want it all and I want it delivered!

Four things to add to your cart today: 

1. This new canvas is a hot commodity. Call today to order this canvas, we haven't added it to the webstore yet. (480) 991-0706

2. New porcupine Laying tools are at our store. Schedule an appointment to see them in person. 

3. Add some bling to your canvas with a new needleminder. Pick from a variety of themes here or grab one of our BeStitched needleminders to keep your resting needle and thread in place.

4. When fashion & needlepoint combine! Check out our Needlepoint Tools Necklaces by Victoria Whitson. Each necklace includes a needle threader, eyeglass loop and thread cutter and mini laying tool. 


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