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It's a Bug's Life


Posted on February 03 2014

Zecca has done it again! These needlepoint canvases are bright and rich in color and feature some little friends that we all know about: insects. While most people shy away from these little critters, most people would be surprised to find out how interesting these creatures really are. The Ladybug Many cultures believe that the ladybug is a sign of good luck. If one lands on you it is believed to bring good weather, financial fortune, success in love, or some other desired wish. Add this needlepoint piece to your collection to bring good luck into your life. Zecca Ladybug Needlepoint The Spider An old French proverb states: A spider seen in the morning is a sign of grief; A spider seen at noon, of joy; A spider seen in the evening, of hope Who knew a spider could represent so many things? Zecca Spider Needlepoint The Bee Aside from pollinating our crops and giving us honey, bee’s can also recognize human faces. According to scientists, bees do this by configular processing—pretty smart for a puny bug. Zecca Bee Needlepoint The Moth Many insects don’t live for very long. However in colder climates certain species of moths have a life cycle of two years! Zecca Moth Needlepoint The Dragonfly It is believed by many cultures that if a dragonfly lands on you, it is a sign that you will hear good news from a loved one and the sight of a dead dragonfly is a sign that you will hear bad news. Let this needlepoint canvas be an sign of good news in your home. zeccadragonfly It’s important to marvel and appreciate nature’s creatures, even insects. What better way to do it than with these new needlepoint canvases by Zecca? Call or order yours today!

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