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Just a Tease from Raymond Crawford

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Take a look at Raymond Crawford’s new stars. They are fabulous. Sizzling hot off the painting table! These are so new Raymond hasn’t even seen them…just kidding!

BeStitched is taking orders on these little beauties. We love them all! Lots of bling possibilities. Let us know which ones you just “have to have”. raymond crawford from bestitched needlepoint

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  • Those are great. Does he have a price on them yet? I love them all but especially 1 and 5 (counting them as pictured.)

    Margaret Payne on
  • how big are they? and count?

    Christine Pilarski on
  • The price is $44.00 per star. Thanks! Lisa & Jeannine BeStitched Needlpoint

    The Girls on
  • Those are beautiful. I want at least #1 and #5.

    Margaret Payne on
  • Do you have any of these left?

    Anita Hempy on

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