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Just Look at That Face

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pug_from_bestitched_needlepoint_storeWho could turn away? This darling little pug has such a sweet face. She is the queen of the house, as shown by the gorgeous sofa she is lounging on. Pampered to the max with a stone studded collar, soft jazz music playing in the background (work with me here) and dinner waiting in a cut crystal bowl. Quick, take her home and enjoy her on your very own sofa!  

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  • Kim,

    We have a pug in a Santa hat in the shop. We can call and see if we can get this canvas if you are interested.


    BeStitched Needlepoint LLC

    The Girls on
  • i am a pug mad person and was wondering wheather you have any pug tapestry or cross stitch for sale
    i live in northern Ireland so i do expect to pay a bit more for the post!
    is the black pug featured available can you advise me on this!

    Kim Kennedy on

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