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Maggie the Mouse Needlepoint Canvas

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Maggie MouseA sneak peak at Maggie the Mouse. Her name is Maggie because she is a Maggie canvas. I am loving working on this project. She is just TOO cute and so much fun. Stitch direction from Julia Snyder! What can I say about that ribbon turban!! It actually reminds me of one my mother used to wear. Of course the bling really finishes it off.  She has quite an attitude and knows she is the best skater on the pond, albeit the only skater on the pond. Nothing wrong with self confidence…and who wouldn’t have self confidence looking like Maggie does. Her skates will be done in silver Memory Thread. Perfect! Her wings will have a bugle bead at each outreaching line. I am still debating about the background, simple or go all the way with snowflakes floating behind her? What do you think? If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Let us know if you would like a Maggie the Mouse for your very own! Stitch Guide included.

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  • Lynda, the size is 11×11, 18 mesh. I’ll forward a price to your e mail tomorrow. Thanks for inquiring!

    The Girls on
  • What is the dimension and size of this canvas? How much would the canvas, guide, and thread cost?

    Lynda CLark on
  • Maggie is too cute! I’d go with a simple background, with maybe a small snowflake or two. Can’t wait to see a finished picture.

    Cheryl Timko on
  • Will do K.B. Thanks in regard to the shop! It has been wonderful.

    The Girls on
  • Please forward the price to me as well. Congrats on the new shop, ladies!

    K.B. Hallman on

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