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Magnification and Magnifier Lamps

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needlepoint_magnifierHave you been looking for the perfect magnifying lamp?  This one comes pretty close to perfect with it's versatility and 2x magnification.  The LED lamp can be battery operated or plug it in with the power cord.  Do you need a floor stand option, this one does that or converts to a table top model if that is what you need.  This magnifier seems like just what the doctor ordered for stitching on small or large mesh. When your stitching is good it looks GREAT and when it is bad well we will just leave that alone.... Here is what you should know about magnifying lamps: 1)  When it is not in use keep it covered!  No smoking canvases allowed.  Magnifying lights can be a huge fire risk if not kept covered. 2)  Take time to look at some stitches "outside" the light to see the "light".  Some stitches such as French knots, gathered stitch and ribbon work need to be assessed for their size and effectiveness with out the magnification. 3) Watch the health of your back, neck and shoulders.  Assess your "nest" and make sure that your working in good body alignment.  Periodically get up and move your arms and legs to keep the creative juices flowing. Happy Stitching!  

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  • How much is the lamp with the stand? How much would the shipping be to Citrus Heights Ca?

    Thanks Jeanne

    Jeanne Atkins on
  • Does the price include the stand and everything??? If so, that is a great price!!!

    Sharon Bernard on
  • Jeanne,

    The cost of the magnifier is $120.75 and we approximate the shipping to be around $15-$20. Please let us know if we can ship one out to you.



    The Girls on
  • Please provide cost information on the magnifying light. It would be helpful to your readers to include this information when you post items that are available for purchase.

    Carol Goodwin on
  • Is it tall enough to be used as just a lamp if you do not need the magnification all the time? If not, do you have other good lights, prefer LED, in stock? Links?

    UgaVic on

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