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New Accessories From The Atlanta Spring Needlepoint Show

Lisa Kessler

Posted on April 12 2023

It's time to show off all the accessories we brought home from market! 

Add some bling to your cart and stock up for Spring. 

New Bags

Start stitching today and have a new bag to show off this summer! Shop Mimi in Stitches.


Needleminders are the most beautiful & effective way to keep your resting needle and thread in place. There are a variety to choose from whether you are collector, need one to match a current WIP or just like the bling! 


These two new lamps are the perfect addition to our store! 

1. ViviLux Super Bright Flexible Craft Light w/ Magnifier

2. ViviLux Rechargeable Task Lamp w/Wireless Charger, USB Port & Magnifier


We brought home three new Scissors by Victoria Whitson.

1. Pink & green scissors

2. Pink and Green Floral Bird Scissors

3. Foldable Scissors with Leather Tassel

Five Fun Accessories You Need To See

1. Mini Laying Tools by Victoria Whitson

2. Zecca Needle Threader

3. Threader with Felt Balls & Beads

4. Zecca Scissor Fobs

5. Clover Threader Fob with Glass Flower Beads


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