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NEW: Needlepoint Workshop Class

Lisa Kessler

Posted on January 06 2021

Thanks to your feedback in our other online needlepoint classes, we have decided to launch a new class that allows you to decide what canvas you will work on. Throughout 6 online classes, you will learn how to embellish your canvas from start to finish. 

Classes will be taught by Lisa and held every other week for 12 weeks. Before the first class, we recommend you send Lisa a picture of what canvas you are working on and any fibers that you have to work with.  Each class will run for 60 to 90 minutes depending on participation.
Saturday Class Schedule:
Class 1: January 30th at 2pm MST
Class 2: February 13th at 2pm MST
Class 3: February 27th at 2pm MST
Class 4: March 13th at 2pm MST
Class 5: March 27th at 2pm MST
Class 6: April 10th at 2pm MST
Tuesday Class Schedule:
Class 1: February 2nd at 4pm MST
Class 2: February 16th at 4pm MST
Class 3: March 2nd at 4pm MST
Class 4: March 16th at 4pm MST
Class 5: March 30th at 4pm MST
Class 6: April 13th at 4pm MST

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