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New Year - New Clubs!

Lisa Kessler

Posted on January 22 2020

We know you are just as excited as we are to get this new year off to an exciting start! Well, why not join a new club? Find a theme you love and let the good times roll!

Why join a club?

Our website provides such a vast collection of beautiful canvases that it may be difficult to select just one out of so many for you to work on. Well why not join a club for the new year? By joining a club we send you a canvas and all the required material for the project every month. Each club has a different theme and there are tons of clubs for you to choose from. You will be waiting by the mailbox in anticipation for your monthly project.  

Which club should I join?

What are you interested in? What do you love? Check out our clubs and tell your stitching friends to sign up with you.

Stitch Addiction Book Club - Lone Star Grab & GoOur NEW club!

Join us for a video tutorial series to best learn how and where to use the Grab & Go book by Lone Star ANG Chapter. What better way to learn than by video?

Melissa Shirley's Valentine's Houses Club

Valentine’s Day is coming up and this series of Valentine’s Day themed houses is the perfect way to start celebrating love for the months to come! 

Patti Mann Food Trucks Club

Calling All Foodies! This is the club for you! 

These fun food trucks are just waiting for you to dig in. 

Feathered Fascinator Series

Feathered Fascinator Series is a beautiful collection of bird canvases designed by Melissa Shirley from the artwork of Vicki Sawyer. Birds of a feather really do flock together in this club! 

Melissa Shirley's Seaside Houses Club

Missing the beach? Relax by the shore with our Melissa Shirley Seaside Houses Club! These stunning canvases will have you dreaming about lazy days by the sea. 

Accessory Club 

Join the Accessory Club for a little bit of fun delivered to your mailbox every month! Each package has accessories that are useful to have in every project bag!

Endless Presents Club

These gorgeous canvases truly are the perfect gifts! You may not want to give them away at all! 

How do I join?

Once you’ve chosen your club, joining is super easy! Read all the details regarding delivery times, costs, material, and deposit and then just click ORDER and you are a click away from receiving these beautiful new projects every month! 

Have any questions? We are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. Get in touch. Email: or Call (480) 991-0706.

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