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Practice Stitching Hair & Beards

Lisa Kessler

Posted on August 29 2022

Want to practice stitching hair and beards?  

Lisa Kessler with BeStitched Needlepoint can help. When it comes to hair you need to figure out the direction that you want the hair to flow and what material or threads will look best. Here are some of our top canvases to help you practice your technique. Order a canvas from our in-stock collection and let Lisa help you pick out the best threads to make their hair or beards pop. 


Needlepoint Kit 

Looking for a kit that focuses on hair? Then our Redheaded Hippie Kit is exactly what you are looking for!

The online classes that come with this kit focus on teaching techniques on Hair, Beading, Stump Work and Ribbon Work! Order here!

The Best Beard

One of our favorite beards to stitch! Our Masked Santa Kit is currently on sale and focuses on the use of Bullions, Fake Turkey Work, Beads and Lettering. Order today! 

Falala Llama Class

Santa Dashing Through the Snow on a Llama painted canvas by Kate Dickerson! The online classes included in the price focus on techniques that will bring this canvas to life. Order here!



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