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Raymond Crawford's Halloween Train - New Club Starts May 25, 2012


Posted on May 21 2012

Scary fun all rolled into one! The kit includes canvas, threads and stitch guide. The first kit will ship out on May 25, 2012, the second on June 25, 2012 and the final on July 25, 2012. Don't miss the train! Get onboard for just  $94.00 per car.


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  • The Girls: September 09, 2016

    We will include bars with your kit.

  • K.B. Hallman: September 09, 2016

    What size bars will we need for these?

  • K.B. Hallman: September 09, 2016

    Happy dance!

  • Judy Graves: September 09, 2016

    I want to sign up as a long-distance stitcher for this! Any chance you’re open on Memorial Day or at least answering phones??

  • K.B. Hallman: September 09, 2016

    How wonderful! I love not having to scrounge for bars! Thanks, gals!

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