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Six Things to Add To Your Cart

Lisa Kessler

Posted on July 05 2021

Every stitcher should add these fan-favorites to their cart! 

Gingher Designer Scissors

Gingher Designer Series Embroidery Scissors 4" "Evelyn". These scissors and shears are manufactured using an ornamentation process that gives each pair a unique design. 

Bohin Tapestry Needles

Bohin Tapestry Needles are made in France.  They are double dipped to give them an excellent finish and ease for stitching.

Thread Magic

The ultimate thread conditioner. 

  • Prevents tangling and fraying of thread
  • Strengthens thread
  • Does not melt
  • Safe for all threads & fabrics
  • Reduces Hand Fatigue
  • Ideal for metallic and specialty threads

Watch Lisa Kessler demonstrate how to make stitching with Neon Rays a breeze, using Thread Magic! Click here. 

Accoutrement Snap Trays

Each color has its own unique quote. Add these to your cart. 

Purple: My soul is fed with needle and thread

Blue: No place like home

Pink: A stitch a day keeps insanity away 

Order here!

Super Snips

We only have a few left in stock. Grab these before they're gone. Super Snips Mini Scissors are the perfect size for travel at 2.5" long, and come with their own attached cover. 

Tulip Chenille Needles

Same as a tapestry needle, but with a sharp point for heavy embroidery on closely woven fabric. Used for silk ribbon and yarn embroidery, typing quilts and candle wicking. A Must buy product.


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