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Snap Trays…


Posted on July 29 2011

Sounds like a TV dinner…but far from it! These cool little trays hold your stitching props, and we all use lots of props. Scissors, needles, threaders, current threads in use etc. Can also be used to hold your favorite jewelry at the end of the day, use as a key drop off when you get home…you get the idea. Very versatile, not to mention fun. Pick one with your favorite Needlepoint store logo…Bestitched Needlepoint of course. Also choose from cute kitty trays to The Queen. Something for everyone. These are great gifts to have on hand. Perfect for traveling, just unsnap them and they are flat and EZ to pack. Let us know your favorite!

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  • Judy Solomon: September 09, 2016

    Can you please tell me the price of the Snap Trays. Thank you.
    Judy Solomon
    Cleveland, OH

  • Marilyn Conway-Shepherd: September 09, 2016

    I and my friends have been using trays like these for years. I made my own trays using scrap fabrics, ribbon and plastic canvas. These trays (in bright colours) are especially useful when travelling; the bright colours stand out iduring that last check round to ensure nothing is left behind in the room. They are also ideal when on cruises preventing small items rolling off the table when waves occur!

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