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Snap trays…hooray!


Posted on November 16 2011

We have some darling snap trays still available. These are fabulous. Once you start using these for your projects…you’re hooked. I have one for each canvas/kit I am working on. They keep all of your props at your finger tips. No more mixing up the wrong threads. Just keep a pair of scissors, needles, laying tool and whatever else you use all the time in each tray. I know you have more than one pair of scissors and laying tool. This is actually a good way to use all of your goodies. What are you saving those gingher scissors for? Let them see the light of day! Keep watching for more trays, fabulous holiday styles are coming soon. The ultimate is using a holiday themed tray while stitching on a holiday canvas. Oh you know how we all LOVE to coordinate our “stuff”! Needlepoint_snap_trays           Needlepoint_snap_trays           Needlepoint_snap_trays               Needlepoint_snap_trays

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