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Stitching Tips are a Needlepointers Best Kept Secret

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All of us at BeStitched Needlepoint believe it’s time to take the Secret out of Stitching Tips! 

Needlepoint_TipsJoin us every Tuesday on the BeStitched Needlepoint Facebook page to share and learn favorite tips.  We invite our community of stitchers to join the conversation as unravel the secret to keeping silk threads untangled, to bind or not and a myriad of tips that we have learned while sitting on Gramma’s lap or for those of us who are newbie stitchers those tips we learned yesterday while in Embellishment class with new stitching friends. 

Create a journal of tips to always have at your fingertips and keep in your Kit Keeper as a ready resource with answers to all the questions we ask and are afraid to ask.

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  • Oh I would love to participate in this, what time ?

    Brenda on

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