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Top Needlepoint Hacks Every Stitcher Needs

Lauren Kessler

Posted on July 06 2024

Unlock the secrets to perfect stitching with our top needlepoint hacks! Lauren's tips will elevate your needlepoint game and make your projects more enjoyable and efficient this summer.

Dive into our recommended hacks and watch your needlepoint skills flourish!

EZ Beader with Magnet

Everyday budget friendly hack while beading!

The best accessory to simplify your beading projects, the magnet ensures everything stays in place. For $11.24, it will make your life easier. Shop here

Chatelaine from Victoria Whitson

The perfect needlepoint accessory to always have on you, plus super fashionable. Each necklace includes a needle threader, eyeglass loop and thread cutter and mini laying tool. Pick out your favorite color here

Sew Organized Stash'n Store

Q: What’s one thing you can’t live without?
Lauren says, “Sew Organized Stash N’ Store is something I tell everyone they have to own. It really does help keep everything organized, so you aren’t putting things down and then forgetting where you put them. They are only $11.50 and come in three different colors.”  Shop Pink, Mint and Purple

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