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Posted on September 12 2013

Before I begin my story, I want to thank needlepoint for saving me from myself! Let me start from the beginning . . . almost five years ago I found myself in a high-stress, very busy job that involved days, nights and volunteer commitments.  As if that were enough – but no, I also had a husband, one kid in college and another suffering Senioritis in high school.  Using that much overused expression MY PLATE WAS FULL and yet I knew I needed something just for myself.  A place where I could breathe deeply, laugh out loud and lose myself in a yet undefined passion. By chance I wandered into a Needlepoint store out of sheer curiosity.  I spent time visiting with the over the top enthusiastic sales woman, herself an avid stitcher and loved her passion for needlepointing.  She hooked me in the first seven minutes.  30 minutes later I left with a canvas, thread, a needle and that go to book – Stitches to Go. See you back here next Thursday and I’ll continue my on-going life as a Busy Stitcher. Happy Stitching! Debbie S. 

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