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The History of BeStitched Needlepoint

Lisa Kessler

Posted on June 08 2016

Over the course of this month we're going to take a walk down memory lane recalling favorite shop memories, all of the wonderful projects that we've stitched and most importantly the history of BeStitched Needlepoint. BeStitched Needlepoint"In October of 2010, I attended my first needlepoint retreat hosted by Aristeia Needlepoint and was introduced to Wendy Harwood, owner of Aristeia Needlepoint,  and given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss my thoughts about opening a needlepoint store of my own.  Wendy was kind enough to have me over to her shop in November of 2010, where she went through her rolodex of contacts in the industry and shared her knowledge of what it means to own a needlepoint store.  That meeting was the turning point and BeStitched Needlepoint LLC was becoming less of a concept and more of a reality.  On June 3, 2011, BeStitched Needlepoint LLC opened and Wendy Harwood came to write stitch guides for all the canvases that were purchased during the opening weekend.  Wendy was an incredible mentor and I will always be grateful for the advice and guidance that she gave to BeStitched Needlepoint in its infancy.  Wendy encouraged me to pursue guide writing which led to teaching."

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