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This Needlepoint Canvas Makes us Think of Vacation


Posted on March 23 2012

Aloha… Sharon G has done it again….this gorgeous needlepoint canvas conjures up thoughts of Hawaii. The surf, sand and gorgeous wild blooms. You can savor those images in this beautiful piece forever. There are lots of opportunities to do some amazing stitching with ribbons, beads, silks and more. It is also a fabulous piece to work in the traditional basket weave method. Let us provide you with a stitch guide and kit to help bring this beauty to life. needlepoint_canvas

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  • K.B. Hallman: September 09, 2016

    I have that exact color combo hibiscus in front of my garage!

  • Valerie: September 09, 2016

    Awww Hibiscus reminds me of my childhood. We had a pink Hibiscus tree in front of our house in Cali and in summer we would pick them and make dolls out of them by picking out the middle and turning the flower upside down, reinserting the middle and voila! A ballerina!

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