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Top 10 Reasons to Visit BeStitched Needlepoint Thursday Evenings

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  1. You can talk about books and stitch at the same time (first Thursday of each month)
  2. The store is open until 8pm for browsing and purchasing
  3. Seriously enjoyable movies and stitching on the third Thursday
  4. At least one Thursday a month there will be food and it could be all desserts (we have a potluck on the second Thursday of each month)
  5. Get introduced to a new thread, bead, tool or stitch on the fourth Thursday of the month
  6. There are new pieces to see every week
  7. You are assured at least one evening a week you can have social time with your stitching instead of summer re- runs
  8. Thursday evening attendees have a special chance for a monthly prize drawing
  9. Monsoon storms are fantastic to watch through all of our windows
  10. A place for stitching “Show and Tell” to people who won’t call it sewing or knitting

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  • Boy, do I wish I lived close to the store!

    Danielle Hahn on
  • You really know how to make a needlepointed drool. Living a distance from any store is a sad time. I sure do hope to visit in the next coming months.

    Deanna Hartenberg on
  • Wish I was there, but in hot, flat Missouri

    Gay Stahl on
  • Sounds like fun. Too bad I’m not one of your local customers.

    K.B. Hallman on

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