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Watch for Pax on the Web store!


Posted on July 17 2013

Watch for Pax on the web store!   A Pax is the collection of a Painted Canvas + the Accoutrements + an Excellent Guide.  We have done many guides with pulls and now you can benefit with those complete packages! Pax are available for past classes.  A class pax includes the canvas, guide and materials for PAST classes offered by BeStitched Needlepoint.  If you passed on a class offering and now realize that you can't live without it we offer Class Pax for most past classes.  If the canvas is currently available at BeStitched you will find it in store or on the web store.  We are happy to order any item previously seen in our postings and classes but not currently in stock. Here are a few of the Pax we have in the web store. Make sure to check out the rest. Cat_Needlepoint    Needlepoint_Class Needlepoint_Heart  Needlepoint_Kit

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  • Fran: September 09, 2016

    I love the carnival-abstract canvas. Can that be done on either 13 or 14 count canvas rather than 18 count?

    Also, can the colors be changed so that red is the theme rather than blue?

    Thank you,

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