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Wild about Shorebirds Projects

Lisa Kessler

Posted on September 12 2022

If you have been searching for a new unique project, then we have something for you. Accept the challenge and start stitching one of Shorebird's ottomans. It will be one of those projects that you need to commit, but once it's done, it will be breathtaking. After all your hard work, don't let anyone put their feet on it but you. 

Ready to take on your next big project? Go BIG with a rug or tapestry in our Shorebird Trunk Show. Everything is NOW on sale. Take a peek at our favorite Garden of Eden Rug. We LOVE it. 

We asked Lisa, which was one of her favorite canvases from this trunk show? She quickly pointed to the Raccoon Picnic rug. "It would be so much fun to stitch this," she said. 

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