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Zecca, Zecca and More Zecca


Posted on August 27 2012

We just love the vibrant colors of these fun new Zecca pieces.  Can you pick just one favorite?


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  • Annie White: September 09, 2016

    I agree with Donnelle, I love the first one. It may need to be in my stash. But, they are all fun.

  • Donnelle Anderson: September 09, 2016

    I like the first one!! Says it all!!.. the blue one , colors are fabulous!!! How does one pick?? Very fun pieces.

  • Sharon Crescent: September 09, 2016

    I bought my favorite, the one with the pink bird!!!

  • The Girls: September 09, 2016

    Hi Wendy,

    The pink bird is $127.60. We have a few on order and will pull threads and get a price for you. Thanks so much! Lisa

  • Wendy davis: September 09, 2016

    I like the bird! How big is the canvas, what count is it, and how much for the canvas, threads and stitch guide?
    Thanks Ladies.

  • K.B.: September 09, 2016

    They’re all wonderful, but if I could only have one, it would be the bird.

  • Margaret Payne: September 09, 2016

    Zecca is my downfall. I like them all but the bird is so different it really appeals to me. Can you message me the price?

  • Gillian: September 09, 2016

    Thank you Lisa :)

  • The Girls: September 09, 2016

    We are working on one for you.

  • Gillian Pole: September 09, 2016

    I love the third one – the tree, how much would it be for the canvas, threads & a stitch guide?

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