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Heartfelt Stitches Club

Heartfelt Stitches Club


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Experience the love of needlepoint as we bring you five new exquisite heart canvases designed by Patricia Sone. Each month, you'll receive a beautiful canvas, along with a stitch guide and threads page expertly crafted by Patricia Sone herself! If you sign up for the threads option you will be sent an entire kit for the canvas.

* Non-refundable deposit to be applied to your last month’s canvas

* Cancellation Policy 60 days by phone

*Where possible, threads will be shared to keep thread costs down.

* Thread/embellishment kit cost TBD. Threads will be charged the week before the canvas is sent

* *image showcasing finished ornament. Finishings not included in the club. Finished with vintage fabrics on the back from Mary Meier-Evans, the Curious Cowgirl. 
Option 1: Canvas and Stitch Guide Per Month (5 months total)
Option 2: CanvasStitch Guide, and Threads(Cost TBD) Per Month (5 months total)

Canvas Details:
5.5' x 4" on 18 mesh.
105-A Crazy Quilt 
105-B Ditsy
105-C  Crewelwork Bird 
105-D Gingham Flower 
105-E  French Ticking 

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